Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Years and Counting...

On May 22, 2009 at 5:39 a.m. Benjamin Lee Hemminger came into the world. His newborn cries cut through the cold air, and my heart leaped inside me! Little did I know that it would be four long hours before I would be able to see my baby, nine tormenting days until I would be able to hold him in my arms, and four weeks that felt like a short life-time before my son would come home.

On May 22, 2012 at around 6:20 a.m. Benjamin's toddler cries came from his bedroom, announcing that he was indeed awake and ready to begin his day! He smiled big as I walked in the room. "Happy Birthday, Benjamin!" I exclaimed. "Are you three today?!" I sang him happy birthday as I changed his diaper and we headed to the kitchen for breakfast. The next few hours were filled with toys, movies, songs, clapping, kisses and cuddles.

After his mid-morning snack, we loaded up in the car to head to Sooner Park. He was more than excited to go for a walk in his stroller out in the beautiful sunshine. He squealed with delight when we stopped by the creek to watch the water. He smiled big when we sat down in the grass to roll a ball back and forth and blow bubbles. He was delighted to swing in the baby swings and watch his shadow go by underneath. It was a good birthday morning!

Now he's had his lunch and is taking his afternoon nap. Tonight I will fix one of his favorite meals for supper--pancakes! We will spend some quality time as a family. As I write, I am thinking back over three years that have flown by so quickly, yet have felt like their own lifetime as well. It's hard to remember life before Benjamin. Three years ago today, though, I couldn't imagine a day like this one, yet here we are with many more days to look forward to by God's grace. In spite of the pain and difficulties we have experienced, these last three years have been the richest and most joy-filled of my life. My marriage is stronger than ever before, my walk with God has grown so much, and by His grace I am a stronger person. I have a beautiful child to love and cherish. I so delight in being a Mommy!

It's been three years and counting...counting on many more years to come, counting on many more experiences through which to learn and grow, counting on love that overflows, counting on Jesus' goodness to see us through each new day. That's reason to celebrate!

Benjamin's first day

First Birthday

Second Birthday

Third Birthday

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  1. What a beautiful Blog!!!! Brings a tear to my eye.