Friday, June 26, 2015

Mommy-Son Date

At the end of the school year, Benjamin was awarded a gift card to Braums. With a new baby just around the corner, I want to be intentional to get some one-on-one time in with my kids before Josiah arrives. So, during the first week of summer vacation I took Benjamin out for an ice cream date after his speech therapy appointment one afternoon.

My kids both inherited my sweet tooth, so my son was more than thrilled to dig into his dish of soft serve chocolate and vanilla swirl frozen yogurt while I enjoyed a small hot fudge sunday. I used one hand to steady his dish while he fed himself (big boy!), and I ate with the other, trying to keep up with his pace. I knew that if he finished too quickly, there would be tears of disappointment and a reach across the table to raid Mommy's bowl!

While we savored our sweet treats, I talked to Benjamin from across the table, thankful for a chance to give him my undivided attention and taking joy in watching him so obviously enjoying himself. I felt a twinge of sadness as well, though, wishing I could actually have a conversation with my six-year-old. I want to know his thoughts and feelings. I want him to be able to tell me about the things he's learning and discovering. I long to even just hear the word "Mommy" spoken from his lips.

I still believe that Benjamin will speak one day; I just never expected the wait to be this long. In the meantime, though, he finds his own ways to communicate through expressions, gestures, sounds, and a tiny bit of sign language. I reminded myself the important thing was that we were spending some quality time together. There is no doubt that Benjamin knows he's loved, and he clearly communicates his love in return. After all, who could possibly resist that smile!