Saturday, March 31, 2018

Immeasurable Value

What is the value of a life? How is it determined? Success? Accomplishment? Quality of life? Relationships? I believe the true answer is not and never has been contingent on any of these things or any other elements of which the world may try to convince us. Sadly, we live in a culture that has often devalued life. From our heart-breaking history of slavery, to the devastating loss of over 60 million babies murdered in the womb since the passage of Roe vs. Wade, to the more recent rise of school shootings and violent crime, we see the lack of respect and value for human life. This sentiment has deep inroads in our entertainment industries as well where violence and loss of life are glorified on the big screen, the T.V. screen, and behind the video game controllers. If we consider the nations around the world we see darker and darker examples of terrorism, tyranny, and the world-wide atrocities of the sex slave trade. For children such as my precious Benjamin with an extra chromosome, the womb has become one of the most dangerous places to be. We even have nations celebrating the "eradication" of individuals with Down syndrome. Their lives are not valued but proudly "terminated." (Now, this post is not meant to be political, nor is it meant to be depressing. I am simply trying to paint the backdrop to magnify the truth and hope from which I write).

So how do we determine the value of a life? I believe that the answer is loudly and eternally  proclaimed in the reality of the day countless millions will be celebrating tomorrow--Resurrection Sunday! The value of a life--of every life--is found in the passion of Jesus Christ. The perfect, sinless, all powerful Son of God left His glory and entered the world as human embryo in the womb of a poor Jewish girl. He lived a life of simplicity, compassion, and suffering as He proclaimed and demonstrated the heart of His Father in Heaven and destroyed the works of the devil. He willingly laid down His own life in unspeakable torture and agony on the cross, taking on the penalty of our sin, so that we could be forgiven and receive His righteousness. He was laid in a tomb and three days later defeated sin and death forever through His resurrection and his ascension back into glory. With unrelenting love and unspeakable value for human life, the Father willingly sacrificed His Son, and the Son willingly became the sacrifice.

He did this for you, and He did this for me. His love and mercy are beyond measure. The value of a life is not found in anything we can do or be. The value of a life is measured by the price that was paid for it, and the life of Jesus Christ is immeasurable in worth and value! We were worth it to Him!

God teaches me so much through my sweet, little Benjamin. He was born with a genetic imperfection. He has a disability which he is powerless in himself to overcome. Yet his chromosomal count, his weaknesses, and his inabilities have never caused my love for him to waver. He is my son, and I value him because he is mine. The truth is that we were all born with imperfection. We are all disabled by the curse of sin, and we are powerless in ourselves to overcome our weaknesses and failures. Yet God looks down on us with a heart of unconditional love and says, "I love you because you are Mine. Receive My love. Receive My forgiveness. Receive My very life within yourself. You are worth it all to Me." Our response is simply one of acceptance and surrender, but He will never force us to do so. We each have a choice on how we will respond to cross of Jesus Christ, and this response is the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION we will ever make. Our eternal destiny hinges on our "yes" or our "no."

My prayer is that this Resurrection Sunday, you will experience the power of God's love, grace, and forgiveness in the cross of Jesus Christ. Whether it is a deeper revelation of His heart or a first time surrender to His Lordship, He is calling, "Come, beloved one. You are valuable to Me!" 

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