Saturday, July 1, 2017

Downright Delight!

As a mother, one of my greatest joys comes from seeing the delight in the faces of my children when they experience something new and enjoyable. This has been especially true with Benjamin. He may not be able to verbalize his happiness and excitement, but he clearly communicates these emotions through facial expression, body language, and sound. Whatever emotion he feels, he expresses fully with nothing held back.

We recently took a vacation up north to visit my husband's family. It was a long, 12 hour drive that we opted to make during the night while our children slept. All three of them did remarkably well with the changes in schedule, location, and normal diet during the week we were away. The entire visit was an enjoyable one, but the definite highlight came on our last full day when we drove to a nearby lake with Shawn's dad and grandparents. His dad owns a small motor boat, and our kids were about to enjoy their very first voyage on the water!

We took Benjamin for the first ride while the younger two played on the beach playground with their great grandparents. From the moment the wind hit his face, he was hooked!

He grinned ear to ear the whole time, watching the beautiful scenery speed by as the boat cut through the water. He made his happy sounds and bobbed up and down with delight. He smiled at me and at his daddy as if to say, "This is amazing! Why haven't we done this before!" As we witnessed the thrill on his face, we were wondering the same thing.


After Benjamin finished his ride it was time to take the other two out. Meanwhile, Benjamin kept his great grandparents hopping as he happily wandered around the park and picnic area. Joelle and Josiah weren't quite as enthusiastic as their big brother. Joelle is my cautious child, so she was already nervous to begin with. I got a smile out of her when we first sat down in the boat, but once the loud engine started, she placed her fingers firmly in her ears and kept her head down for most of the ride. Oh well...

Josiah wasn't sure what to think either. He wasn't a fan of the bulky life jacket, and he didn't much appreciate being held in my lap when we would rather be moving. He had been immensely enjoying his swing ride on the playground prior, and he was getting pretty sleepy. In other year or so we will probably get a more enthusiastic response from him.

Before calling it a day later on, we decided to take Benjamin out for one more joy ride. And by joy ride, I mean JOY ride! The water had gotten a bit choppier as the wind picked up, and we got splashed a time or two. He wasn't sure what to think of the cold spray, so his grandpa pulled him onto his lap where the wind shield offered a bit more protection. (I didn't fair so well in the back seat...) The choppy water made for a bumpier ride, and Benjamin thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the pictures I captured during that last ride say it all. I honestly can't remember that last time I witnessed this level of pure excitement and joy in my sweet son!

As I said at the beginning, witnessing delight in my child's face is one of my greatest joys. This simple boat ride created a cherished memory for our family that we will enjoy for years to come. Thanks for letting me share our little outing with you today, and I hope I made you smile!

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