Saturday, December 17, 2016

Benjamin's Song

Mighty Warrior, Child of God
Mighty Warrior, Child of God
Mighty Warrior, Child of God
Benjamin Lee, Beautiful Boy
Benjamin Lee, Beloved of the Lord
Benjamin Lee, Son of my right hand
Benjamin Lee

While pregnant with Benjamin, I asked the Lord to give me a new song to sing over my baby. He answered my prayer with the simple lyrics above along with a simple melody. "Benjamin's Song" effortlessly flowed up from my spirit and out of my mouth one day. I began to sing it over my womb regularly. I sang it over my son after his birth as he fought for life in the NICU, and it was an anchor for my troubled heart. I have continued to sing it over Benjamin ever since. 

Benjamin LOVES his song. Each morning I sing songs to him as we wait for the school bus to arrive. I almost always include his song as well. As soon as I begin my son starts beaming. His face breaks out in a huge smile, he places his hands around my neck, and he joyfully bounces up and down, dancing with delight to this song that is just for him. He literally comes alive!

Whatever his level of comprehension may be, I believe that Benjamin's spirit knows that his identity and his destiny are being released through this simple song. He doesn't question the truth of these words; he receives them with joy!

The Lord has a song in His heart for each of His children. His song speaks of our identity and destiny. His song speaks the eternal truth of who we are created to be. His song speaks of His unconditional love for us. His song is true, regardless of what our emotions or circumstances may be saying to us. There are many voices trying to influence us and shape our perceptions and identity: the enemy, the world around us, the opinions of people, and our own shifting emotions. It can be difficult to drown out all the other voices and really listen to the only Voice that truly matters.

There is much I can learn from my son. He freely and readily receives the true song that is being sung over him. The world may try to sing many different songs over him, but he recognizes his song without question. I desire to cultivate this child-like simplicity that hears, believes, and responds to the song that my Heavenly Father is singing over me. His song is the only one that tells me who I am! 

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