Saturday, August 16, 2014

Affectionate Embrace

Heart swelling with love, I watch my five-year-old treasure leaning at his "movie spot" on the living room recliner, happily watching his beloved "Elmo's World." Unable to contain the affection I feel, I pull him down on my lap and smother him with hugs and kisses. Benjamin is definitely an affectionate boy, but right now he's focused, and Mommy's cuddles seem to be more of a disruption. He wiggles his way out of my arms and resumes his post. Later he will approach me with out-stretched arms and laugh with delight as I pick him up and hold him close. Whichever response I receive from my son, my love for him and desire to pour my affection on him are unchanging. He WILL be showered with love, and there's nothing he can do about it!

I've been contemplating these dynamics this week as I consider the nurturing love of the Holy Spirit. He is not some ethereal cloud out there somewhere; He is not some mystical mist; He is not an "it." Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, equal in love and power to the Father and the Son, and He desires our fellowship. Indeed, He is God on earth, and He is the Presence we feel as we draw near to God. I've realized how easy it is to fall into striving to get closer to God, but all He's asking is that I yield myself to His love. He is so eager to embrace me and pour His affection on me. I don't have to convince Him to do so; He can't help Himself but to love me crazy! I wonder how often my response is the same as my son when he's watching his movies. The Holy Spirit is seeking to draw me close, but I am distracted and focused on other things. I unknowingly pull away from Him, eager to engage with the activity or entertainment in front of me, missing the opportunity for deepening intimacy. However, my distraction does not dampen His pursuit, and when I reach out my arms to Him, desiring to be held, He is right there to embrace me and shower me with His affections.

I am learning bit by bit to yield myself more to the all-encompassing love in His heart. In the middle of cooking dinner, or cleaning house, or playing on the floor with my kids I can pause, turn my heart to Him and whisper, "I love you." He's right there every time. The truth is He's always present; I'm just learning to recognize His presence more. I'm learning to receive His love that's unconditional and eager to embrace me.

I can't help but love the little "treasures" the Lord has given Shawn and me. My children don't have to do anything to earn my love. I love them because I love them because I love them! If this is the love of a created being for her offspring, how much more the love of the Uncreated One for His creation? Take a moment today to quiet your mind, turn your heart, and allow the affectionate embrace of the One who loves you perfectly to surround you. There is nothing more satisfying!


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