Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Buddy Walk 2013

On a sunny Sunday afternoon on October 20, the Hemminger family plus Grandma Jan loaded into the car and headed to Tulsa for the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa's annual Buddy Walk. This lively event that celebrates individuals with Down syndrome and raises awareness is one we look forward to each year. Our fourth year to attend, this year's Buddy Walk was extra special for a number of reasons. For one, it was Joelle's first time to participate. I keenly remember the physical discomforts of last year's walk with a baby in the belly! Secondly, Grandma Jan was able to join us, not as an out-of-state guest in our home, but as our neighbor across the street! At this time last year, none of us could have imagined that she would have just moved to Oklahoma within a year. Having her here is such a gift for our family! The thing that made this year's walk the most special, however, was the joy of seeing Benjamin actually WALK during the Buddy Walk! What a celebration! Here is a photo album journey to commemorate the day:

Here's Benjamin picking a prize from the bucket. He tried to get a whole handful!
Daddy helped Benjamin "fish" for a prize.
They caught one!
Ring toss!
How does this work, Daddy?
He's not sure what to think of this game.
Father and son working together
He got the ball in the cup!
Spin the wheel for a prize!
My little man is sporting his new green beads!
Daddy's so fun!
My two sweeties!
Shoulder ride!
The walk has begun...
I get to hold Mommy and Grandma's hands!
Way to go, Benjamin!
Joelle's received a participation medal too. : )
Happy family!
We love Grandma Jan!

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