Thursday, April 12, 2012

Esther Call 2012

On Good Friday I drove to Dallas, TX with some other ladies from our church to attend the Esther Call 2012. Women from all over the nation were called to come together to fast and pray to see the ending of abortion in America. The event lasted over 9 hours as hundreds of youth and women, young and old lifted our voices as one and cried out for mercy in our nation. Countless more were joining in around the world through the live web stream and God TV. It was a powerful time! For 21 days prior to the event, a group called Back to Life held a walk in which 39 women, representing 39 years of legalized abortion in America, marched from Houston to Dallas in what has become known as the "women's trail of tears." They started from the largest Planned Parenthood facility in Houston and marched to Dallas, where Roe vs. Wade first came into effect. Many of these women were post-abortive and have lived with the pain and regret of the child/children they lost. Some were scheduled to be aborted, but their mothers chose to give them life instead. Some have had family members lost to abortion, and some just have a burning passion to see justice for the unborn. These women shared their moving stories and were honored at the Esther Call.

The Esther Call was given its name in remembrance of Esther of the Bible. An orphaned Jewish girl, she was raised by her godly uncle Mordecai in ancient Persia, where the Jewish people had been captives for several decades and had only recently been given the freedom to return to their homeland. By the Lord's favor, Esther rose from obscurity to become queen over a nation that was not even her own. When a death decree was issued over the Jewish people living in Persia, Esther was in a position of influence to stand in the gap and fight for their liberty. She fasted and prayed, petitioning the King of Heaven before risking her own life to go unbidden before the king of Persia to intercede for the lives of her people. God's favor rested on her, and she ultimately saw deliverance for the Jews.

They gave the call for modern day "Esthers" to rise and stand in the place of influence that has been given to us by the blood of Jesus. We have access to the courts of heaven to fast and pray and petition our King, Who will grant us favor. We are also called to be a voice in our nation and to stand in the gap for an entire generation that is being silently murdered on a daily basis in the name of "convenience" and "women's rights." Our true "right" as women is to be life-givers, and this is more than just having children. We are given the responsibility and the privilege of calling forth the destinies in the generation coming up behind us. My heart breaks to think of the estimated 54 million destinies that have been lost since Roe vs. Wade, and the numbers continue to mount.

During the assembly we had intense times of worship and intercession, either corporate or in small groups. There was both personal and corporate repentance. There was an emphasis on healing the hearts of women by the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and a cry to see the restoration of true identity and womanhood that has been so attacked by the culture we live in. We petitioned the courts of heaven to bring an ending to the atrocity of abortion that would usher in revival in our nation. As one voice we declared that "Children are a blessing from the Lord!" And that is true of every child!

It is overwhelming to me that, according to statistics, over 90% of women would have chosen to abort my son, had they received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Over 90%??!!! Benjamin's life is such a gift. He was in the heart of Jesus before the creation of the world, and he has a unique calling and destiny intended for him alone. He is able to express the heart of God in a way that no one else can, and that is true of each and every person ever born. Do we really know who we are and the significance we carry? Today I am thankful for life, even as I grieve for the lives that were never given a chance. Today I am thankful for the blessing of my child and the privilege of motherhood. Today I am thankful to be a woman loved by the King.

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